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At PCRE - FM, we understand that corporate clients demand maximised facility asset and services utilisation, cost savings and measurable employee satisfaction.


Our facilities management experts deliver value to the client’s business by maximising opportunities of their facilities portfolio and achieving their corporate goals. This is attained through operational efficiencies, cost optimisation and risk mitigation, thereby creating awesome experiences for our clients.

Housekeeping services in pune


PCRE FM is a leader in facility management services defined by its spirit of enterprise. It is our endeavour to accelerate the success of our partners through a culture of service excellence and client engagement, nurtured in time.

  1. Work Flows & SOP’S.

  2. Proven work process & Technology.

  3. Proactive work plans for all facilities.

  4. Management of AMC’s.

  5. Proactive AMC schedule calendar

  6. Our vendor knowledge and rates pass on the benefit to our client.

  7. Management of invoicing, collection, payment and awareness of it to client.

  8. 99% on time receivables collection.

  9. Community Buildings – No Smoking, fire safety, Go green etc by invoicing the client employees.

  10. Proactive ticket raising by us without client complaint.

  11. A proven method of serving their maintenance tickets and complaint.

Professional Facility Management in Pune
  • No excuse policy on attending complaint

  • With 3 minutes complaint to log in

  • Category of urgency

  • Assigning the vendor/technician

  • Complete the task

  • Feedback from client.

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